Focus and Scope
Absis Journal accommodates the results of studies and research in the fields of Mathematics and Mathematics Education with various research frames such as:
  • Research development/R&D
  • Classroom action research
  • Educational Design Research
  • Experiment with different types of Qualitative Studies (Investigative, Analytical, Descriptive Studies, and the like)
  • Ethnographic studies Literature/Library Studies Other research with a quantitative approach.
The topics raised can be:
  • Learning innovation and the use of ICT in supporting the learning process Mathematics Learning Context and Media
  • Innovation Strategies and Approaches to Learning Mathematics Mathematical Literacy
  • Realistic Mathematics Education (RME)
  • Ethno mathematics
  • Misconceptions in Mathematical Topics
  • Mathematics Learning Based on Cultural Potential and Local Wisdom
  • Enrichment of Mathematics Teaching
  • Materials Mathematics Learning
  • Evaluation Mathematics Education
  • Curriculum and Policy Learning Mathematics in College
  • Development of Science and Technology in Mathematics
  • And others.