Commitment Letter

As a strong commitment to the publication process in Jurnal Absis, we have a Commitment Letter policy that will be sent to each author through their registered email. This Commitment Letter includes the authors' commitment to fully adhere to all stages of the article publication process in Jurnal Absis, from submission to the final decision of the Editorial team.

Additionally, authors are expected to be willing to fulfill the obligation of publication fees that may be associated with the publication of their articles. With this Commitment Letter, we aim to maintain professionalism and active involvement from the authors in the publication process, thereby creating high-quality publications and making a positive contribution to the advancement of science.

In this commitment, we assure that every article we publish has undergone a rigorous review and selection process by competent experts and editorial partners in their respective fields. We will ensure that the assessment of articles is conducted fairly, without discrimination, and considering the quality, originality, and relevance of the research presented.

Furthermore, we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the information submitted by the authors. We will protect the copyright and intellectual property of the authors, as well as avoid plagiarism, falsification, or any other unethical practices. We also strive to provide transparency in the publication process, including online publication with open access for readers.

Our commitment also includes engagement in efforts to prevent and address duplicate publications, fake research, or other fraudulent practices. We will collaborate with authors and the academic community to address publication ethics violations and ensure the integrity and credibility of our journal.